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seal coat for color photocopy?

Dear BookArts folk,

I'm new to the bookbinding world and to this list, but enthusiastic.

I have a question.  I want to usa color photocopy of a photograph as a cover
paper, but I think I need to seal it  so that the color doesn't come off at
the edges.  I would prefer not to use an aerosol spray.  I tried an acrylic
gel medium as a test, but it dried so quickly I couldn't get an even coating
and the finish had a lot of brush marks.  (I used a Golden brand soft get,
semi-gloss.  I was told that the soft get would be the closest to what I
wanted and, though I didn't want to obscure the photo, I didn't want shiny,

I would apreciate any assistance, or just shared experience.  For instance,
I thought that maybe diluting the gel with water would achieve what I want,
but I was told that would make it lose its integrity as a seal coat.
many thanks in advance--

Suzanne Denker
Portland, Oregon
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