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Re: Advice sought concerning aged paper

Question from List Member:

> What I am curious about is the reference you make to handmade paper
> having grain, which is certainly contrary to my experience. Some
> papers have a less pronounced grain, but any laid paper is bound to
> grain, handmade or machine, surely?

Response from List Member:

>> Any handmade mould paper, whether it be 'laid' or 'wove' will NOT
have a
grain direction<<

My Response:

Thank you - I was becoming confused - smile.  I am a beginner at hand
made paper and I could not find a - grain - in my papers.  But I pour
not pull my paper, but  still the pulp swirls in the paper mold laying
the fibers in all directions just as it does in the vat when you dip
or pull a sheet.


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