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The California Center for the Book<br>
cordially invites you to:<br>
Booklyn's Bookmobile on the Road 2000<br>
Monday, June 26th, 7:30pm<br>
GSE&amp;IS Building, Room 111 <br>
This event is free and open to the public <br>
A reception will follow<br>
Marshall Weber, one of the partners of Booklyn, located in Brooklyn, New
York is coming to Los Angeles to speak about the Structure of the New
Book <br>
in the 21st Century. He will be showing some of the wonderful work they
are <br>
collaboratively publishing and representing. This multi-media lecture has
three components: a general review of how artist books and other
independent <br>
publications are produced and distributed; an exploration of the form and
function of the book in this new century, including the artist book as
design laboratory, spectacle experience/form versus intimate
experience/form <br>
virtual experience/form versus tactile experience/form and the
relationships <br>
between those experiences and forms. The culmination will be how the
desktop <br>
boom will positively affect the artist book field. In addition, there is
an <br>
expanded context for artists' bookmaking, with slide and video of various
interdisciplinary approaches and other cultural phenomena related to
bookmaking, including graffiti, multi-media work utilizing text or <br>
bookforms, performance work involving reading, writing and books.<br>
Booklyn is a unique artist bookmakers and printmakers alliance
headquartered <br>
in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York with members throughout the United
Booklyn's mission is to expand the field of artist books, prints and
creative independent publishing, increase the awareness and appreciation
of <br>
diverse print and book forms, and provide members with distribution,
exhibition, production and educational support for their artwork.<br>
Booklyn offers a schedule of classes, lectures and workshops on topics
ranging from the practical hands-on &quot;Book Construction and
Design&quot; workshop <br>
to the rigorously theoretical &quot;Pages on the Walls&quot; lecture
class. They also <br>
organize and curate exhibitions of artwork from and beyond its own <br>
collection of artists' books and prints. The collection ranges from
traditional editioned letterpress books and prints, conceptual book
objects, <br>
zines and collage books and prints using innovative structures and <br>
Booklyn also facilitates the production of its members' books and prints
through use of their own facilities, by networking the resources, talents
and knowledge of members, or simply by lending a hand to the sometimes
tedious job of editioning.<br>
Its Bookmobile represents the work of artists and small presses in <br>
exhibition and sales tours to librarians, museums, galleries and
collections <br>
throughout the U.S. The Bookmobile tours on the East Coast year round and
makes annual tours nationally.<br>
Weber is a performance artist, a video artist, as well as co-founder and
co-director of Booklyn. The other partners in Booklyn are Mark Wagner and
Christopher Wilde, 70 Commercial St., Suite 304, Brooklyn, NY 11222.
For more information about Booklyn, contact mars-hall@hotbot.com<br>
Parking is available for $5 on the day of the event in Parking Structure
3 <br>
Enter UCLA on Wyton Avenue from Hilgard Avenue <br>
and proceed to the information kiosk to purchase a parking pass<br>
RSVP to <br>
Nina Schneider <br>
<div>Judith A.
tel.:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (310)399-1146</div>
fax:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (310)399-5070</div>
<div>P.O. Box 3640</div>
<div>Santa Monica CA 90408</div>
<div><a href="http://colophon.com/journal" EUDORA=AUTOURL>http://colophon.com/journal</a></div>
<div><a href="http://www.geocities.com/books2eat/" EUDORA=AUTOURL>http://www.geocities.com/books2eat/</a></div>
Let a smile be your umbrella!

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