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Wood, plywood bibliography.

Since there were a number of requests for citations for articles dealing
with wood and its use with books and as a storage material for valuble
artifacts, I  am sending the info to the list.  It is from a paper I wrot=
on the effects of building, display and storage materials on Museum,
Library and Archive Collections, when I was a student.

Some of the items were published by the American Institute for
Conservation, but mostly in Preprints, and one in the Journal as I
originally mentioned.  I regret any confusion.

Anon.  "A.I.C. Meeting In Vancouver:  Effects of Wood".  Abbey Newsletter=
11, No. 4, 1987, pp. 51-2.

Arni, P.C. Cochrane, G.C., and Gray, J.D.  "The Emissions of Corrosive
Vapors by Wood.  I:  Survey of the Acid-Release Properties of Certain
Freshly Felled Hardwoods and Softwoods".  Journal of Applied Chemistry, 1=
1965, pp. 305-13.

Arni, P.C. Cochrane, G.C., and Gray, J.D.  "The Emissions of Corrosive
Vapors by Wood.  II:  The Analysis of the Vapors Emitted by Certain Fresh=
Felled Hardwoods and Softwoods by Gas Chromatography and Spectrophotometr=
 Journal of Applied Chemistry, 15, 1965, pp. 643-8.

Baer, N.S. and Banks, P.N.  "Indoor Air Pollution".  Proceedings, Annual
Meeting, Air Pollution Control Association, 78, 1985, 85-8.

Berndt, H.  "Assessing the Detrimental Effects of Wood and Wood Products =
the Environment Inside Display Cases".  A.I.C. Preprints, Vancouver(?),
1987, pp. 22-33.

Blackshaw, S.M. and Daniels, V.D.  "Selecting Safe Materials for Use in t=
Display and Storage of Antiquities," Proceedings, 5th Triennial Meeting,
ICOM Committee for Conservation, October, 1978, Zagreb, 78-23-2.  pp.1-9.=

Carpenter, J.M. and Hatchfield, P.B.  "Formaldehyde:  How Great is the
Danger to Museum Collections?  Art Conservation Training Programs
Conference, 1985, pp.165-208.

Clarke, S.G. and Longhurst, E.E.  "The Corrosion of Metals by Acid Vapors=

from Wood."  Journal of Applied Chemistry, 11, 1961, pp. 435-43.

Couch, R. and Mihaly Turbucz.  "Trays for Lining and Partitioning Wooden
Storage Drawers.  Journal of the American Institute for Conservation, 22,=

No. 2, Spring 1983,  pp. 92-7.

Dalrymple, H.  "Display Materials Testing.  T. Boyce and H. Tate, eds.  T=
Laboratories of the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland, NMAS,
Edinburgh, 1980, pp. 21-3.

FitzHugh E.W. and Gettens, R.J.  "Calcacite and and Other Efflorescent
Salts on Objects Stored in Wooden Museum Cases".  R. Brill, Ed.  Science
and Archaeology, Cambridge (MA), 1971, pp. 91-101.

Hilberry, D., and Weinberg, S.K.  "Techniques.  Museum Collections. =

Storage.  Part I".  Museum News, 59, No. 5. 1981, pp. 7-21.

Hnatiuk, K.  "The Effects of Display Materials on Metal Artifacts." =

Gazette of the Canadian Museum's Association, Ottawa, 14, 1981, pp. 43-50=

Hodges, H.  "Showcases Made of Chemically Unstable Materials."  Museum,
(UNESCO) 34, No. 1, 1982, pp. 56-8.

Hopwood, W.R.  "Choosing Materials for Prolonged Proximity  to Museum
Objects."  AIC Preprints, Toronto, 1979, pp. 44-9.

Leveque, M.  "The Problem of Formaldehyde--a Case Study."  AIC Preprints,=

Chicago, 1986, pp.56-65.

Nockert, M. and Wadsten, T.  "Storage of Archeological Textile Finds in
Sealed Boxes."  Studies in  Conservation, 23, 1978, pp. 38-41.

?, "An Unsuspected Danger in Display."  Museum's Journal, 73, 1973, pp.

Ogden, S.  "Treatment of Wooden Shelving for Books."  New Library Scene, =
No. 4, 1986, p. 18.

Padfield, T. Erhardt,D., and Hopwood, W.  "Trouble in Store."  Science an=
Technology, IIC Congress, Washington, D.C. 1982, pp. 24-7.

Stolow, N.  Conservation and Exhibitions.  Boston:  Butterworths, 1986, p=

Thomson, G.  Museum Environment.  Boston:  Butterworths, 1986, pp. 133,

Nancy H. Nitzberg
Elkins Park, PA

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