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Question about Decay


This is my first posting to the listserv.
I don't know if this is the appropriate group of people
        to ask my question, so if it isn't, I would appreciate
        a response of whom to ask.

I am trying to find out a few things.

1) What kinds of trees are used in book publishing?
        Are there certain choice spots around the world
        or the U.S.A. for selecting the trees used for publishing?
2) Approximately what % or parts of a tree are used for publishing
        & how many acres/trees are torn down a year for publishing?
3) Books & Old Age:
        a) How old can a book be before its cover or pages begin
        to deteriorate? What causes the deterioration? Are there
        certain microbes or other natural organisms that eat away
        at the book?
        b) What conditions are needed to preserve a book from

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