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Re: Adhesive advice

Hi Ray:

This process you describe so well, was also covered in
Douglas Cockerell's book: Bookbinding and Care of
Books.  It's an early chapter in a very readable book,
that includes a step by step description of this



--- "starr jr raymond h." <rstarr@UMBC.EDU> wrote:
> I do not know exactly how it is done, but in the
> 19th century they had a
> way to very delicately tip in materials.  I have a
> scrap book from 1880
> and the method was used on it.  The the blank page
> area was cut out about
> 2mm smaller than the image to be placed on it.  As
> the pages are
> relatively thick this was done at a 45 degree angle.
>  The material to be
> mounted was similarly feathered at an inverse 45
> degree angle and then
> this edge was glued onto the album page.  The
> advantage in this case was
> that the inserted material did not add to the
> thickness of the albums.

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