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Re: About paper grain

>I once made endsheets by pasting Japanese Suminagashi to the text paper =
was using. Someone who should have known better had told me that no
Japanese paper had grain so I hadn't checked. <

All paper expands when wet - grain or no!

A good test before laminating papers together is to take
a thin strip - say 1/2 inch wide by a foot or so long in each
direction. Carefully make a mark at each end and measure
the distance between them. Wet the strip, and after thoroughly
wetted, measure again. Calculate the % expansion by taking
the wet dimension minus the dry dimension divided by the
dry dimension and multiply times 100. Make life easier
for yourself by using a metric ruler.

Best candidates for lamination are those that match fairly
closely. Those that miss by a mile will probably give
trouble. Even if they are pressed and dried flat, the =

package might distort or curl at high or low humidity.

Experience will soon teach what numbers work best for
the papers you use.

Best regards,
Dick Grant

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