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Re: Paper Grain (Determining)

My favorite method for determining grain is the
"droop test." I lay a piece of paper on a table
with one edge suspended over the edge by
about four inches. This unsuspended edge
"droops" and the amount of droop can be
measured by height from the floor, for
example. I then turn the paper 90 degrees
and measure again. When the edge with
the most droop is found, the edge of the
table over which the paper is placed will
be parallel to the grain. In practice, the
difference is so obvious, there is usually
no need to measure, however. For this to
work, the distance from the unsuspended
paper edge to the table edge must be the
same for both directions. The length of the
paper sample doesn't matter because the
droop per unit length is constant. Machine
made paper typically is twice as stiff when
flexed against the grain than with it. The
amount of droop is directly related to that.

There are times when I also moisten one
side of a piece of paper by breathing on it.
This is less severe than licking it but serves
the same purpose without possibly creating

Best regards,
Dick Grant

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