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Paris phone numbers

Is any kind soul able to supply phone number for the following locations which
I would like to list in my travel guide.

1.Atelier la Feuille d'Or
        75009, Paris
     Metro Clichy

2. Comptoir de l'Imprimerie Nationale
        27 rue de la Convention,
        75015 Paris

3.Ets Charbonnel
        13 quai de Montebello,
        75005, Paris.
        Metro St. Miche

4. Imprimerie Mourlot
        rue du Montparnasse, 75011, Paris

5.Librairie Rene Kieffer
        Rue St. Andre des Arts, Metro St. Michel.

6. Magasin Sennelier
        3 quai Voltaire, 75007 Paris.

7.Musee du Musee d'art Moderne
        9 rue Gaston de St. Paul,
        75116, Paris

thankyou in hopeful anticipation


cecilia sharpley

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