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Re: Papergrain / drape

>From:                  "Richard P. Grant"
>Subject:               Re: Paper Grain (Determining)

> My favorite method for determining grain is the
> "droop test." ...

  Regarding Richard's "droop test" I thought a gauge I made might
be of interest to members of the list.  Like Richard I realized that
"droop" or drape (the term I've adopted) of a paper tells you
something about a piece of paper, most readily, which way the
grain runs.  But it also gives you an idea of how much stress you will
have to deal with when binding a particular paper.  In an attempt to
establish at least a relative quantification of what I call the drape
factor, I designed a simple gauge that gives me a quantifiable
means of comparing different papers, as well as, determining grain

I have temporarily posted an illustration and description of the
gauge on my brand new, just getting started, still trying to figure out
the basics,  website at temperproductions.com.  The drape gauge
page can be found by going to the bottom of the temperproductions
page and clicking on the "drape gauge" link (my first link).

                                                                        Pete Jermann

Pete Jermann
TeMPeR Productions
117 South 14th St.
Olean, NY 14760
Tel. 716-373-9450
Email: pete@temperproductions.com

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