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Re: Questions about Decay/Paper

Greetings. Normally, I'm a lurker on this list, but I had to respond to this
post. I do not mean to be nit-picky or offend the original poster, but I
have spent over a decade researching defoliation and Vietnam.

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> From: C.J. Shane [SMTP:ShaneSAIS@AOL.COM]
> Sent: Friday, June 23, 2000 6:43 PM
> Subject:      Re: Questions about Decay/Paper
        [Michael Miller]  <snip>  A chemical byproduct of this
> process is dioxin, the same poison used in Vietnam to defoliate the
> tropical
> forest and a chemical known to cause deformities and cancers in humans.
        [Michael Miller]  <snip>
        [Michael Miller]  Dioxin is NOT a defoliant. It was a byproduct of
the production of ONE of the chemicals used in 2 of the many defoliants used
throughout the war.
Michael C. Miller
Special Collections Librarian
Dallas Public Library, Texas/Dallas History & Archives
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