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Fabric Printing by Inkjet

I make art quilts as well as book art and mixed media pieces. =

There are many ways to get good image/text transfers on fabric using your=

inkjet printer. =

One product that gives good results is called Bubble Jet Set. Simply satu=
the fabric with it, let it dry, iron on to freezer paper (exactly as Jane=
described) and then run through the printer. After it's done, let it sit =
half an hour or so, then rinse. It is permanent and washable when you're

Dharma Trading Company sells Bubble Jet Set online. They also have silk f=
that comes backed with paper specifically for printing in an inkjet print=

These products and others can be found at:


No affiliation etc etc.... just a frequent and happy customer.

~ Raven
RavenMoon Artworks

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