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Re: Chinese Funeral Paper

> I used Joss paper in some cards I made a few years ago and wondered at the
> time if their use in such a way (or in artists books) would be offensive to
> those who use them in connection with funerals. Does anyone know?  Barbara

I think my mother was not pleased when I purchased a package of the papers.
She asked, in a very abrupt manner, what I was going to use them for.  I
didn't have any plans, and she let it go at that.  I was surprised by her
reaction, since she generally doesn't practice traditional rituals.  So
judging from her reaction, I would say that some people can be mightily
offended by it.

In a separate event, a friend received a box of handmade cards as a gift,
all made with joss papers.  Neither she nor the giver had any idea what the
papers were, both simply like the cards for their 'Asian' looks.

I would suggest that you include some explanation with your cards so that
people can avoid sending them in situations that might offend the recipient.


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