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Re: Chinese Funeral Paper (aesthetics)

Not to delve into cultural relativism,
but shouldn't we respect the traditions/practices of
foreign cultures by refraining from using materials
specifically designed for intent?

The US with its melting pot and consumer mentality
has seemingly lost its respect for certain cultural
traditions, and yet we continue to cling to those that
are uniquely our own  (e.g. 4th July)  Imagine how you
might feel, if particularly patriotic, someone were to
use an image of the 4th July for something other
than within the holiday's context?  (i.e. take a copy
of the Declaration of Independence and cut it up
for a "word/phrase collage")

Therefore, THINK before using something like
Joss or Funeral Paper in a project.  Sensitize yourself to
the foreign if not "odd" imagry associated with the
object and by all means make an effort to see the
signifigance of the object through the Others' eyes.

Just my persepctive on this issue.

There are plenty of other papers that can be used.
(and can't Joss paper be replicated in a way so as to
difuse its religious/cultural nature?)


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