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Re: Chinese Funeral Paper (aesthetics)

I find this discussion very interesting. I long ago got rid of the Joss
paper I had after an Asian friend remarked how upset his mother had been
to discover it in his studio. I had acquired it without much thought for
it's cultural significance to others and felt that I had no good reason
for it's use.
To ponder a point Rommel brought up, I have an artist's book, actually a
water globe, in which the Declaration of Independence was printed on
transparency film and then cut up and placed in the globe. As you shake
the globe, the words swirl around. It is not labeled as the Declaration
of Independence, but it is very recognizable. "Indivisible" seems to
clue people in. It's by William Harroff, if he is on list, perhaps he
could respond to people's reaction. I wasn't offended, quite the
Emily Martin

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