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Color copy transfers

Dear list members - I recently completed monotypes (of the printmaking
variety) to which I would like to add color copy transfers. I have used type
wash, bestine, alcohol and paint thinner (all variously recommended from
several sources) to no avail. The copies themselves are not on the standard
copy paper, but on Lana Royal Classic Laid. Is this, or could this be part of
the problem? What other variables (e.g., relative newness or age of the copy)
could be affecting the transfer. I am applying the various solutions
(individually, not in combination) to the back of the copy, inverting it onto
the print paper sample (Rives BFK) and running it through my Dickerson
Combination press. I seem to recall having had a similar problem with merely
black and white copies in the past, such that my attempted demo to an
experiemental printmaking class was totally unsuccessful. Any suggestions
would be much appreciated.

Continuing in this vein, and supposing I am able to effect a transfer, how
permanent is it? If I am unable to transfer the color copy, my alternative is
to use it as is, collaging in onto the print. How permanent is this likely to
be. It will not be on top of any of the print and thus will not be affected
by inks, solvents, modifiers, etc. Ideally, I would like it to last as long
as the monoprint itself (lithographic inks, of the artist variety, heavy
coverage, and burnt plate oil). Thanks again, Barbara Harman

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