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Re: Color copy transfers

I also use Rives BFK paper for color transfer work.  I find that going to
some one who really knows how to get the most of the Canon Color Copier works
best.  They can get the color rendition that you want and that seems to work
best for your transfer work.

I have had the best luck using Savogran Strypeeze semi-paste paint and
varnish remover as a solvent.  I use a large regular stainless steel table
spoon to burnish the back of the color print.  You have to apply a good
amount of pressure while during the burnishing - White knuckle pressure.  It
usually takes four to six coats of Strypeeze before getting a good saturated
copy on the Rives paper.  Add a new coat of Strypeeze after your burnishing
causes most of the solvent to be absorbed.

You can check the quality of your transfer by carefully lifting one corner of
you copy.

I've had good luck using this method.

Good Luck.

Dick LeGrue

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