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color copies

Dear Barbara and friends
I have been doing and teaching xerox transfers  for a while also-I have a
 of info on the subject.

I personally find Citrasolve to work intermittently-on images from some
but not others....Acetone, while it smells just awful, will work on a
variety of machines
that are more difficult to work with. Be sure to use it in a well
ventilated area.
According to Michael McCann (I might have the name wrong) who wrote
Beware guide to toxicity of art materials, acetone is bad, but not as bad
as one might
 imagine, as it evaporates so quickly. Also the darker the image, the
more xerox there
 is to transfer.

Another solvent that works well, but is more toxic ,is Ancolite-- litho
plate cleaner.
Its very powerful, and you put the solvent on a piece of blank newsprint,
on the back
of the image,then place a piece of mylar over the entire area to trap the
solvent and
push it down toward the image, blankets and run it thru the press.
I have heard works really well, but is too much for me personally to
Everyone has to make their own decicsions about what you can and are
willing to handle
 in terms of toxicity. Everything has some risk.

Also I have found that the smoother the paper, the better the transfer-so
 laid surface is definitely contributing to your problem, but not
You will get better results with solvents by running them thru a press,
with more
 pressure that you would think. If the copy sticks to the paper, dab it
with a bit more
acetone on the back of the xerox to remove it from the paper...

Also another technique to consider is iron on transfers--a lot of copy
shops make
them for tee shirts.  They can be pricey and leave a textured film, but
have a nice
luminous quality.  You can also buy xerox tranfer paper that you can take
to the
copy shop and have them run it thru their machine, if you can find a
shop to run them, it will bring the cost down considerable. One source
for this is
Transfer Magic (formerly Hughes) --1-800-268-9841. Dharma Trading Company
also sells them-their web site and other info have been posted
on the site.

Collaging the color xerox is an interesting one-xerox is fairly stable,
as it is plastic. The problem is the paper, and very few places that have
color machines will let you run better paper thru their machine (none
that I have found) I don't know about the inks below and that is a very
point to look into.

There are also acrylic  transfers that you can make using acrylic medium
or white acrylic paint....you paint a thick layer ( or many thin layers
if this is more comfortable for you)
of medium or white onto the front of the surface of the copy. Let dry
Turn the copy over and wet the back of the paper with water-using your
finger gently
peel the paper off the copy leaving the color copy which have bonded to
the acrylic and
you have a thin gel that you can then collage on to what ever surface you
White will make an opaque image, gloss medium makes a clear image, matt
makes a frosty image.

Sorry to rant on-this is sort of an obsession with me-they way some
people collect hummel figurines-I collect xerox transfer techniques.....I
hope its helpful.

Miriam Schaer

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