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> Next offender gets bounced off.

This is just a suggestion - I have been on many lists for many years.
The type of server that this list is using is little bit out dated.
There are many free list servers that allow attachments sent to a
list.  It is then up to each individual list member to set up their
own machines to either automatically open attachments while opening
each individual message or to manually open attachments.  I have mine
set up to manually open attachments .  That way I can decide if it is
a file type that I feel comfortable opening.  If your are on digest
then the newer servers (all free of charge) will automatically strip
the attachments from the message and leave a memo saying attachment
has been removed.  Once again it is up to the list member to decide if
they want to stay on digest and not receive the attachments or change
to individual messages. Attachments can carry viruses but they also
can contribute greatly to a discussion.

I have also been on lists where the owners are overly concerned with
control.  It is never pleasant to be threatened.  Especially when
there is not a need for the threat.  The internet is a massive wealth
of information.  E-mail lists are out there to share and build on that
information.  It could be time for this list to grow and include newer
ways for sharing this information. Or as one member said, it could be
time to find a list owner who is more open to finding better ways for
the list to grow and make the sharing of information easier for the

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