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Joss & snowglobe bookworks

Hello, friends.

Sorry I'm late getting to this. I've been offline for
a couple of days.

Thanks for the observations, Jim Ann, Emily & Eric.
>From this interesting discussion on Joss paper, I
honestly did not see much connection with my own
political bookworks such as "Oh Say" (Star-Spangled
Banner) or "I Pledge" (Pledge of Allegiance). I think
there are greater similarities with my religious
pieces, "10 Commands" or "Be Attitudes."  In the
instance of 10 Commands, the words to the 10
Commandments are all visible, floating through the
snowglobe. I find it intriguing when the word NOT
appears so prominently and often within the bookwork.
For me, it captures the intention of the commandment
My sins are made real to me. I realize those
commandments I have failed to live up to. Generally, I
hope my globes focus the viewer's attention on the
true meaning and significance of these words of life,
be they political, social or religious.

By the way, the first time I saw Joss paper was about
a decade ago. My significant other & fellow book
artist, Charlotte Johnson, had returned from a
papermaking tour of China. She visited with numerous
manufacturers, both individual artists and commercial
operations. They had obviously toured the "Joss
papermaking facility" and received free samples as we
might from Fabriano or Arches. The Joss folks were
just proud of the paper they created and hoped to open
up new markets. Their intent was commercial not

As a counter balance, I think I remember the Andy
McPhee (Accoutrements) catalog house in Seattle
selling Joss papers routinely, for "fun." Americans,
myself included, sometimes treat items from other
cultures as popular culture. I think that may be near
the heart of the dilemma.

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