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I, too, must say how shocked I am at the nerve of some
people such as Debbie Turner who can make such rude
criticisms of Peter's efforts and this list. Our
society today has lost our manners and this type of
selfish and rude behavior is becoming commonplace and
acceptable. Very sad indeed.

If I were Peter I may be tempted to throw in the towel
and wonder if this is really worth all of the effort.
I am here to say to Peter that I truly hope that he
does not let one bad apple spoil everything.

As for myself, I cannot express well-enough in words
my gratitude to Peter. This list has been a wonderful
education and peer-group for me. Since I started
making books three years ago, I have fallen in love
with the craft. I have a burning passion to work on
something every day! This list has tought me so much!
I have learned more here than in any of the many
workshops I have taken.

Also, I feel a great commaraderie among the other
subscribers. I feel like if I ever met any of you, I
would welcome you into my home and be pleased to call
you friend. So many times, subscribers have gone out
of their way to provide information and inspiration.
Everyone's efforts are truly appreciated.

Peter, please accept my most sincere thanks for
everything you do for this list. Running this list
must be a lot of work for you and I for one just
wanted to let you know how much it means to me.


Kevin Thomas

P.S. My advice to Debbie Turner--UNSUBSCRIBE! If you
don't like Peter's unpaid efforts, go start your own list!

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