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A sense of responsibility to others...

On 2000-06-29 confused@CABLEONE.NET said:
   >...The type of server that this list is using is little bit out
        After several years of watching and sympathizing with Peter
as he agonized over the eternal questions of fairness, exclusivity, etc.
when dealing with this List; I absolutely must come out of the woodwork
this one time to get my two cents in...
        First of all, I do not consider this a personal flame at the
above quoted author; it is addressed and intended for the group and
hopefully restrained enough for most palates.
"confused@CABLEONE.NET" simply brought my long simmering pot to the
        All of the following observations seem rather self-evident to me
but what I have observed on this List over the years leads me to think
they could bear being aired out one more time.
What exactly is this List ABOUT:
        On more than one occasion, a casual observer viewing a daily
crop of this List's postings might well wonder.   The misdirected chit-
chat, blatant commercialism, off-topic ad-infinitums, high end techno
specifics, etc., etc. have all been seen since the first days of this
forum.   All unregulated things inevitably run to excess, and when it
reaches a breaking point on the List, Peter has reluctantly intervened
first with an appeal, and finally with rules.   I am grateful I do not
have his responsibilities.   For my own part, until such time as there
exists a List tailored to professional book restorers who live in the
Canadian woods [my situation]; I am resigned to indulge the rest of the
Biblio-Arts-Printing world in satisfying their needs along with mine;
within reason.   No, the biggest problem seems to stem from
a cavalier DISREGARD for the other guy, so poignantly typified by the
above-quoted author and others.   The Solution to the current
"attachment" difficulty would appear to be that we all redouble our
efforts to UPGRADE our equipment a.s.a.p. so that this List can boldly
enter the 21st Century with all the bells and whistles.   It may shock
them to know me and my 386 [a 10 year old computer] may be a bit more
indicative of the GLOBAL computer reality than the recently updated
Pentiums and Imacs of their homes and offices.   Its a big world out
there and just because the sales hype sez ya Gotta get the latest
and biggest, if what you are really after is *information*, then the
technology of 12 years ago still gets the job done.   That, by the way,
is one of the best kept secrets of this rather strange marketing era
we live in.
People are constantly being sold "Quick and Easy" which is their business,
not mine - until they impose both their wisdom and their ignorance on the
rest of the world via a forum like this List.   You DON'T HAVE TO send
messages in MIME format, or casually send relatively huge files just
because You have a 57k baud modem and it "only takes a couple of seconds",
as two of many examples.   Nor is it enough to simply cajole subscribers
to ask advice or read the occasional Help file before clicking that mouse.
First they must be motivated to do so.   That motivation can only come,
I believe, from considering their responsibility to Everyone-Else-out-there.
One of the fundamental bedrocks of this List must continue to be adherence,
whenever and wherever possible, to the Lowest-Common-Denominator standards,
which, in the case of Internet based information, is still straight ascii
text format.   To do otherwise just arbitrarily limits any *information*
from reaching the widest possible audience (which, I presume, IS the whole
point of the exercise).
So endeth the Lesson.   For those of you patient enough to get this far,
thank you for your attention and indulgence.   Please note that it is my
hope this posting NOT become the basis of one more interminable off-topic
there seems to have been quite enough irony on this List lately.   8-)
Michael Keller
Walsingham, Ontario Canada

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