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Re: Book Cover

Thank you.

The big thing I can think of is that you may well have to use different
foils set at different temps for some of the various materials. Mainly I'm
thinking about melting points... The other thing will be dwell time and
pressure. When I worked for Gaylord (they do a lot of stamping of ID
cards... on plastic) I got some foils hoping to be able to use them, but
the temp they work with is much higher than I want to use with my
cloth/paper/leather. Not sure about the pressure. I think with your variety
of materials you're going to have to experiment, a lot, but that's half the
fun. Unfortunately, fun doesn't pay the bills.

A vendor who deals with a lot of commercial binderies and other shops (Gane
Brothers, Kwikprint) might be able to help. Both have websites with contact
info and are linked to via the "Supplier" section of the Book Arts Links page.

Hope this helps.


>I am trying to find examples of interesting book casings using foil stamping
>and book cloth with a variety of textures. I am working on a book to be
>bound in a variety of fabrics, from the sacred to the profane, the tacky to
>the tasteful, (anything from faux-lizard latex impregnated cloth to
>flocking, felt or plastic) If any members of this list can be point me to
>interesting examples, I would be very thankful.

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