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Re: Book Cover

 Nancy--Do you include a notice IN the book to the effect that the
covering material has been mold infected?  As you observe, there  is no
problem as long as the book is kept dry, but accidents do happen and if
such a book was stored in box with other volumes and moisture got into
the box...Well, someone could wind up loosing a lot of books.  You might
tell the original buyer, but the warning is unlikely to reach past the
third or fourth owner if it is only verbal.   There have been threads
before on this list about whether or not a book binder/artist should
include mention of fragile, toxic, or volatile elements in their works.
In the case of mold, where the danger is not only to the item itself,
but potentially to a larger number of books and people (some people have
violent allergies to molds) the conflict between artistic choice and
moral obligations seem to be especially evident.

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