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Re: Book Cover

At 10:00 PM 29-06-2000 +0000, you wrote:
>I'm a new member/lurker who is interested in learning the art. In
>addition to rust, I might add that I have a collection of papers (that
>I treasure and use very sparingly) that were subjected to months of
>mold and mildew in a basement almost 30 years ago ... I don't know how
>long it takes for this effect, but I do know that it's quite
>beautiful, and once the paper is stored in a clean, dry place --
>perfectly stable.

Dear Nancy -

I hate to rain on your parade, but please be very cautious in your use of
this paper. Mold spores are a health hazard to you and to anyone else who
is exposed to this beautiful paper. I would also suggest you find out how
long these spores remain viable - I suspect it may be a very long time, and
if your artworks end up in the collection of somebody who does not have the
optimal clean dry storage space, they might be capable of infecting other
items. A bad mold outbreak can be devastating to an art, archives or
library collection. If you'd like, I could do a little research for you - I
belong to Museum-L and to the Cons DistList and they, like this group, are
very forthcoming with information on many topics. I suspect there are also
websites with information on mold and mildew.
        Meanwhile, welcome to the list! I'm a newbie too, and expect to learn a lot.

Anne T. Lane, Collections Manager
Museum of York County
4621 Mount Gallant Road,
Rock Hill, SC 29732-9905
803-329-2121, ext. 104
FAX 803-329-5249

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