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Czech Society of Bookbinders

The Second Annual Members' Exhibition of the Czech Society of Bookbinders opened
yesterday in Plzen, Czech Republic. Should anyone would like a copy of the exhibit
catalog in .pdf format please reply OFFLIST to lawrence@dhc.net.

I will gladly send it to you, but it is a rather large file, around 1500K.

These images are not as large or detailed as would be nice, but as soon as I have the
original photographs in hand I'll rescan them & set up a website -- hopefully with
some kind of English translation. Until then, this is the best available option to
the printed catalog.

Please remember -- all requests must be made offlist. --Dave.

PS: If you use one of the free mail servers such as Yahoo, this file will not go
through to you -- it is simply larger than they allow. --djl.

David J. Lawrence
Dallas, Texas

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