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Re: Book Cover

>  Nancy--Do you include a notice IN the book to the effect that the
> covering material has been mold infected?  As you observe, there  is no
> problem as long as the book is kept dry, but accidents do happen and if
> such a book was stored in box with other volumes and moisture got into
> the box...Well, someone could wind up loosing a lot of books.  You might
> tell the original buyer, but the warning is unlikely to reach past the
> third or fourth owner if it is only verbal.   There have been threads
> before on this list about whether or not a book binder/artist should
> include mention of fragile, toxic, or volatile elements in their works.
> In the case of mold, where the danger is not only to the item itself,
> but potentially to a larger number of books and people (some people have
> violent allergies to molds) the conflict between artistic choice and
> moral obligations seem to be especially evident.
>  Dorothy
Whoops. It never occurred to me that there might be a danger. I
thought that once I carefully wiped off the visible spores and admired
the marbled patterns they made, that they were gone forever. I really
had no idea ...

The good news is that I've used the paper just for myself, and I
haven't sold any. The bad news is that I'm looking at these papers
askance now. Perhaps a color Xerox is the better way to go.

Thanks for the warning note.

Nancy Birnes
Perforated Lines --
                 -- you can't resist 'em!

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