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women/men in book arts

 I would be interested in getting the response of people on this list to
some research I am working on for a M.A. thesis.

I have two questions:

1)  I think it is a well known fact that book arts, in all its facets and
definitions, has experienced considerable growth in the last decade and
continues to do so.  What ideas do you have as to why this is happening?

2) One phenomena of this growth seems to be that there are more women
involved in book arts than men.  Do you find this statement to be true in
your area of involvement?
If so do you have any ideas of why this is?

When/if you respond, please include who you are, not just an e-mail
address, as I need to have this available if I quote you.

Thank you very much!

gwen miller

Gwen Miller
1120 South 8th Street
Goshen, IN 46526
219-533-9976 home
219-535-7581 work
219-535-7660 fax

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