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Re: bookstuff in Java, Bali, Hong Kong?

    I have a book made of palm leaves with a bamboo cover that was
purchased in Bali. There is a picture of it in the Kids Page section of
my website. It is part of the Ramayana. From what I've heard they are
made for sale to tourists. I also have a palm leaf book from Thailand-
on the site as well- that came from a shop that sold materials for
novice Buddhist monks. It seems that the older traditions of bookmaking
are often kept alive in connection with religion so that might be an
area to explore. I was researching traditional Cambodian books and met
with a Cambodian monk at a temple in a nearby area with a large
Cambodian population and he was very generous with his time and
knowledge. Also had a similar experience at a Buddhist Temple in New
York State when I asked about their sewn books. I don't think they met
people coming to ask about traditional books every day and were
interested in sharing the information. Inquiring at temples might be a
possibility. I'm envious of your friend. It sounds like a fabulous trip.

in good spirit

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Newburyport, MA


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