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color copy transfers

I have been off the list for a few days and came back to see the
transfer technique issue still going strong. Since I've been on I have
located a book I've been looking for -- Marjorie Croner's Fabric Photos.
She uses a technique consisting of iron-on mending fabric. The shiny
side of the mending fabric is ironed onto a color copy and is used as a
"printing plate" which you then transfer to fabric using an iron once
again. Her book contains instructions in great detail with step-by-step
photos. I'm anxious to try this method and would like to know if anyone
has used it, if so, what your results were. I have had this book for
awhile and have not yet tried the method due to lack of free time, which
brings me to the other hot topic of discussion lately, even though I am
a new member to the list I'm always amazed that someone can spare the
time and energy to maintain a list. I know it must be out of pure love
for the topic, and I thank Peter for managing this one.

Janet Lorch

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