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Re: women/men in book arts

At 02:08 PM 6/30/00 -0400, gwen miller wrote:
>  I would be interested in getting the response of people on this list to
>some research I am working on for a M.A. thesis.
>1)  I think it is a well known fact that book arts, in all its facets and
>definitions, has experienced considerable growth in the last decade and
>continues to do so.  What ideas do you have as to why this is happening?

A few months ago I interviewed Neal Turtell, the executive librarian at the
National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., for an article on artists'
books that was published in the Maryland Printmakers newsletter. He
discussed your first question above. You can read the article on the Md
printmakers website at www.norsecode.com/mdpm

Shireen Holman, Printmaker and Book Artist
email: shireenh@earthlink.net

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