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Re: Teaching Book Arts

Dear List Members/Teachers-
    For a proposed university course on Book Arts for Educators I'm seeking
reports from the field. Of particular interest are book projects done in
classes other than "art class," i.e. integrating books with subjects such as
history or math.  I'd also like to hear about classroom group publication
    To simplify (I hope), my question is:   What one structure/technique was
the most effective for use in your class and why (briefly), and
--important--what grade level was this used for?
    I am also seeking slides or photographs of student book works to show as
examples and inspiration. This is not for publication (!) and I will
cheerfully give credit to all involved. I realize that class book projects
are often unique and go home with the students, so it is difficult to retain
examples. I don't want to burden anyone with slide/photo duplicating costs,
but am hoping there might be a payback found in the promoting of book arts in
the schools. Please contact me directly if this is a problem.
    Thanks for your help.
    Nancy Brandt
    257 Standish Road
    Merion, PA 19066

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