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Re: Letterpress or DTP software?

Sorta like asking what is better for taking my vegatables to market a
handcart or a MAC truck.  Both will do the job, but it really depends on how
many "vegetables" you have.  I print 300 page history books and DTP is the
only way. Your requirements sound very different.   With DTP the software
costs are relatively small compared to the amount of effort is required to
learn to use them properly. Also, if you are serious about DTP you will need
more than Pagemaker if you want to print pictures. A copy of Photoshop,
another $500, is pretty much a requirement and another program to learn.
Then comes the printer (s).  For black and white a nice 1200dpi duplexing
printer will run $1000 plus, color printers run the gamut from $100 to $4000
or more. How much you spend depends on what you want to do. The potential of
DTP is almost endless. There is little that you cannot accomplish all by

A small letterpress,  it's like the handcart. It works and if all you have
are some small printing requirements. Like a letterhead or cards, it might be
just the thing  for it.  But, the potential seems rather limited compared to
Dean Fletcher

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