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papermaking question

sorry to direct this to the list, but I am not on a
papermaking list and so I am hoping some of the
cross-overs can help me with this. please reply to me
privately at: leilx@yahoo.com

I am wondering if anyone has some sort of pulley
system worked out for lifting A2 sized sheets of paper
out of a vat. it is extremely heavy with water and we
would like to make it a bit less labor intensive. it
is a traditional set-up, where everything is being
done by hand out of a huge vat. if you do, and you
could email me a set of the plans--oh, it would be
lovely! if you have other questions--I realize this is
rather sketchy--let me know and I will answer them as
best I am able. even if you have a rough workup, we
could probably work something out from there.


leilx@yahoo.com  leil lucy alexander   Malka, Irbid, Jordan

I walked in a desert.  And I cried: "Ah, God, take me from this place!"
A voice said: "It is no desert."
I cried: "Well, but--The sand, the heat, the vacant horizon."
A voice said: "It is no desert."
        --Stephen Crane, who never came to the desert

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