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Re: Letterpress or DTP software?

I enjoy using both letterpress and DTP software.

DTP software is good for composing, editing and making identical multiple
editions.  I would recommend PageMaker for short books (100 pages or fewer)
and FrameMaker for larger books which include multiple chapters and require
a table of contents and index.  Note, however, that there is a steep
learning curve for using FrameMaker.
To get good results, you'll also need access to a laser printer.

For making illustrations I use CorelDraw and for tweaking photographs, I use
PhotoShop (but you can get by with PaintShop Pro).

The downside of DTP software is that you're physically separated from your
work, looking at it through a glass window.

I'm a beginner with letterpress.  I enjoy using it to make multiple editions
with slight variations. I haven't used it for large books and, in fact,
don't think I have the patience.  What I do enjoy is being physically
connected to the work.  It's fun.


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