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Re: women/men in book arts

I teach at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts (for the last 11 years). All of
the classes I teach there are 99% female students. I have wondered often, and
polled my students as well, to try to discover the reasons for this. There do
seem to be more men in the letterpress and traditional bookbinding classes,
but I teach on the "art" end of the scale. One theory is that this is
predominantly avocational, unless you are planning to do conservation, in
which case you are learning it somewhere else, and as such it 1) costs money,
disproportionately to what it has the potential to make and 2) requires time
that might be more enjoyably spent some other way (fishing? - this is
Minnesota, after all). Really, no clue, but I would love to hear others'
answers. Barbara Harman

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