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Re: women/men in book arts

"There is less prejudice against women in  book art, so there is more
opportunity, because the art establishment doesn't take it seriously."

I find this statement very interesting. This becomes a two edged sword.  It
allows more women (or anyone) to create freely in this medium, but their
art has no place/home outside the book art community.

Following are some questions it raises for me. (No prejudices voiced here,
just questions.)

Do men tend to only work in mediums the "art establishment" accepts, or are
men "the art establishment?" When there is a predominance of males does it
become an excepted art form?

Is the "art establishment" response because it is just a "bunch of women"
or because it is a new medium that they don't quite know  how to display or
critique or both?

I see a lot of parallels to the struggles of the fiber art medium.


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