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Question on DP programs and copiers-

Hello all-

I'm very impressed with this list;  for a few months now I've been dipping
into the archives to find the answers to all of my questions.  I do have two
that I couldn't find an answer for, so thought I'd ask-

Basically, I'm looking for a quick breakdown on different DP programs- what
I'd most like is one where you can take a straight block of text (say,
several thousand words long) and drop it into a template that would organize
your text into a print ready format for signatures.  Actually, a variety of
templates would be nice so I could experiment with different
bindings/signature thicknesses/papers etc.

Right now I'm using Word (the textbox function) with one document per
signature.  Needless to say it's very time consuming to add or delete
something significant since then I have to move everything in front or
behind it. . .if that makes any sense.  Also there's the problem of sizing
the text boxes correctly.  I can trundle along this way, but I dream of a
program that might make my life easier (not simply equally laborious along
different lines).

I'm on a pretty limited budget right now so any knock-off programs that
might get the job done without excessive bells and whistles would be good to
hear about.

OK- the second question concerns photocopying and other mass reproductions.
If I wanted to put out affordable chapbooks, what might be my best option
regarding mass reproduction?  Specifically, I'm worried that if I have
sheets photocopied the toner will bleed or smudge in heat or humidity. .
.yet there have been some discussions that suggest list members regularly
use laser and inkjet printers?

Anyway, I'm certain this showcases my appalling ignorance in these matters
but I hope someone out there will take pity on me. . .

My best,

RJ McCaffery
Eye Dialect

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