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Re: women/men in book arts

In a message dated 07/03/2000 10:44:08 AM, minsky@MINSKY.COM writes:

<< One of the problems we face is that the book art audience is the most
sophisticated of any art medium. It requires textual and visual literacy. It
is tactile, time-dimensional and interactive. It's not something you
generally color-coordinate with a couch. It's private rather than
ostentatious. >>

I found myself saying Yeah! Why I do it at all! Thanks again Richard, and as
always, for your intelligent analysis.

I recently split with my gallery here because not only was my work not
evident on the gallery walls, but they refused to even consider showing my
books, although this IS Minnesota and there is probably more interest and
knowledge about book arts here than in many other places. Richard's comment
about the monetary value of book arts relative to painting is undoubtedly one
reason for the limited interest on the commercial side of the art machine.
Barbara Harman

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