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Re: Inkjet printing on cloth

I've had success with printing on cloth using a product we have in
Australia which is available from Celcast -  http://www.celcast.com.au -
who produce a range of products for inkjet printers. The product I'm
talking about  is a cloth carrier. You simply remove the backing paper,
smooth your cloth onto the sticky paper, and put it through your
printer. I have not investigated the use of any sealant, so can't say
the print will be waterproof, but the printed cloth attaches quite
successfully to the boards without smearing, and it looks great. The
cloth carrier is reusable up to five times.
Another technique I have used is to seal the cloth with fabric
stiffener, wait for it to dry and then put the stiffened cloth through
the printer. I did this using  matching font and colours to replace a
missing spine, and the result was marvellous.

Click onto our site - http://www.sageold.com/images - to see the
Chambers's (sic) Biographical Dictionary I did using the cloth carrier,
and The Golden Treasury of Children's Literature with the spine done on
the stiffened fabric.

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