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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 2 Jul 2000 to 3 Jul 2000 (#2000-180)

In regards to women & men in the book arts. I have been teaching
bookbinding, conservation and the book as art here for about twenty years. I
simply thought it was because Evergreen seems to attract more women than
men. In the past years I have only had four men study with me. One is now a
freelance book designer doing quite well, two were dilettantes and the last
is the fellow I am teaching to replace me when I retire. At least six of the
women I taught have moved on to working in the book arts field (yes, I keep
track of promising students). As to the men, most were looking for quick
credits with little effort. (they usually don't last the quarter - it's the
demand that they work that gets them in the end). I'm not being critical of
men (I am one & and an old geezer to boot) but most don't seem to be able to
handle the tedium that comes with a well made book.
Thanks to this list serve for the opportunity to see what others are doing
out there in the world.

John Ellis Crosby
The Evergreen State College - Admissions
Olympia, WA   98505
Email:  crosbyj@evergreen.edu

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