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Re: Letterpress or DTP software?

I have the luxury of owning some Goudy Text in 14 point lead, and the
corresponding electronic version.

To lay out a page before printing, I "set" it in QuarkXpress (on a Mac),
to get the line endings right, and print it out on a laser printer. Then I
set the type by hand (in lead) and print away. Saves me lots of time.

Keep in mind: Same type face from the same "manufacturer" (Monotype),
printed the same point size.

You know what? The Laser print looks pretty good until you hold the
letterpress version next to it. It's ever so slightly bolder, if you will
(some of which is the ink "splurge").

Lead type was designed to be viewed at a specific point size, most
electronic type does not take into consideration the final output size.
(Adobe "Multiple Master" type technology has the ability to do this)
So DTP is very flexible: you can lay out type and kern to your heart's
content, but it still doesn't smell like printing...

Bill Whitley


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