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Re: Letterpress or DTP software?

I certainly  didn't mean to imply any laziness, rather a unique (quirky) use
of higher technology to make an old technology easier and more exact. I love
it, it's like using the computer to do a garden layout (I'm guilty), it is
much more exact and painless to layout, but you ultimately still get dirty.
Vegetables taste the same, too.

Why not print it out twice, once for proofing and once as an exact visual
road map for the type?

> >... gotta love someone who uses a Quark and a laser printer to handset
> >lead type.
> Hey, what can I say? I guess I'm just lazy...
> >just curious, do you print the type reverse reading?
> You mean the laser printout? Nope. I mainly want to know how the finished
> page will look, so I use it to re-compose the page with different column
> widths, to see how the text flows, try different line endings, etc.
> And I could never read the copy in reverse and then set it in reverse.
> Somehow, that just seems difficult to me.

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