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prayerbook paper

Hello all,

      I am still very much new to the book and paper scene so please forgive
me for any ignorance I may exhibit.:)
     Can anyone tell me what type of paper it is that is used in Catholic
prayer books and missals? It is (by looking at it) thin, semi-opaque, and
doesn't seem to be heavily sized (like a tracing paper would be?). I have not
seen it in any other publications besides those of the Catholic church but I
have not looked extensively. I heard a used book seller describe it as "India
paper" but, after looking at the list archives, I do not think it really is
(for instance, I doubt it is made of hemp and it is very smooth, not handmade
at all). It is white.
     Also, could anyone tell me where to buy this type of paper in sheets for
binding, or where I might look. I tried to contact the publishing company but
their E-mail address was not working.  Thanks for any help you might be able
to give!
                                                        Wanda Champlin

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