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Fireworks Artistbooks

"Fireworks Artistbooks," curated by Esther K Smith, will run from July
11?28 at the Organization of Independent Artists, Inc., 19 Hudson St.,
#402, New York, NY. (212.219.9213)

This is a group show with a "patriotic" theme—whether it be July 4 or
Bastille Day, etc.

The opening, a potluck picnic party will be Tuesday, July 11, 6?8 pm.

Artists involved are:

Biruta Auna
Carol Barton
Jane Beckwith
Pam Cooper
Sharon Gilber
Laurie Coughlin
Susan Happersett
Susan Hensel
Sarah Harford
Stephanie Iverson
Marilyn Johnson
Sue Khazoyan
Andre Lee
Helen Levin
Andrea Louie
Tadashi Misui
Olivia Mori
Leah Oates
Richard Olson
Purgatory Pie Press
Harvey Redding
Mandy Rosenberg
Rhea Sanders
Miriam Schaer
Mimi Weisbord
. . . and others

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