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book: Making Journals by Hand

My copy of Making Journals by Hand that I ordered from Amazon just arrived
last night. It was a year ago that I saw author Jason Thompson's call for
submissions here on the bookarts list. Although I'm extremely pleased with
the way my book was photographed and featured, I have to say I am completely
blown away and humbled by the company I'm keeping!! There are some fabulous,
fabulous journals in this book, and I've found tons of inspiration in their
pages--kudos to my fellow artists...
Also, I had originally requested a credit for Melissa Jay Craig, at the
Columbia College Center for Book and Paper Arts---her guidance and advice
made my book happen (the featured project in the chapter "Tryptichs and
Non-Linear Pages") , and unfortunately my thanks does not
appear.....so......thanks Melissa.
Anyway, it's a nifty book (great job, Jason!) and if anyone's interested to
check it out, it is now available on Amazon.

Polly Smith
Oak Park, IL

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