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Re: Letterpress or DTP software?

We print wedding invitations on handmade and other wonderful papers. Hand
letterpress is the only process that can reliably print on many of the
handmade papers. We also had our first invitation disaster (really DISASTER):
a couple spent a lot of money on the paper and wanted to save on the
printing. Since we also do laser printing, they chose that. The invitation
was printed on teton warm white cover stock (then wrapped in a handmade lokta
paper and tied with a ribbon). The invitations were beautiful. We were paid
to do the assembly also. After the invitations were sent out the bride began
receiving telelphone calls saying the while the invitation was beautiful, the
text had smeared so substantially that no one could read the important
information on the invitation.

The printed had neglected to test to see whether or not the text was adhering
to the paper--not a problem that letterpress has ever had to my knowledge.
All of the ink smeared.

I had to refund ALL of the money and had the text reprinted by offset printer
(no time for letterpress which takes a while) along with an apology at my
expense. It was a nightmare for all concerned.

In addition to tactile and esthetic considerations, the two processes have
other differences. Even when laser printing does not smear, it can often be
scratched off.

Paper Pleasures
Denver--gorgeous, hot

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