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Re: How do I mix methyl cellulose? / Mixing PVA with cornstarch?

The method for most Methyl cellulose powders is just that, but the final,
"unspecified" qty of COLD water depends on the thickness you want it to be.

The hot water should just be enough to get the powder evenly suspended in
the water. Hot water is used because the MC doesn't swell up in it,
avoiding clumping. The balance should be cold, and it might help to put the
final mixture in the fridge to help it cool. Not necessary though. Just
helps sometimes, esp. when it's warm.

So, if you wanted a 15% mixture of MC you would add 150 grams to 1000ml.

To your question regarding the cornstarch, remember it needs to be cooked
like regular paste. Putting it in the PVA as a powder won't do anything. In
terms of archival properties, it depends. In some cases it may help to make
something more reversible (removable using water), but only if the things
you used can stand getting wet and being handled. The big benefit is that
it gives you more time to do turn-ins, align pieces, than straight PVA. The
drawback is that if you're in a warm place, and are very slow to use the
mixture, mold could grow, because of the starch. Instead of corn/wheat
startch you could also substitute Methyl Cellulose which would have the
same effect. Just has a little less tack than the paste would, but for most
operations that's not a factor.

Hope this helps.


At 01:41 PM 7/9/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Exactly what is the method for mixing methyl cellulose powder into a
>usuable adhesive? I searched the listserv and found a kind of general
>description (10% solution in hot water, add an unspecified quantity of
>water later to an unspecified total volume), but if there's someone who
>could do straightforward, all-inclusive directions, I'd appreciate it.

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