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Re: Letterpress or DTP software?

--- Laura McCarthy <lauramcc@IX.NETCOM.COM> wrote:
I've had so much trouble using "different
kinds" of paper in my printer that I'm really considering getting another one.
bought an HP 1220C a few months ago because it's their Professional Series and
really doesn't like to be fed anything other than plain paper and glossy paper,
preferably in the comfortable size of 8.5x1.  Very frustrating!
--- end of quote ---


I briefly had an HP printer and I returned it because it could not handle some
of the papers I wanted to print on.  This was a couple years ago, but HP still
seems to design the paper-feeding tray under the output tray.  Thus the paper
has to wrap around 180 degrees in order to be printed on.  At least with my
model, there was not a by-pass feeder, which would have (hopefully) created a
straighter paper path.  I would check to see if your model has a by-pass paper
feeder, and whether it lets the paper maintain a fairly flat path through the

I ended up going with an Epson printer.  The Epson printers have the paper tray
in the back at a slight angle, but much much less than the HP's 180 degree.  I
have fed papers as heavy as Rives BFK through my printer with little difficulty.
(When talking about computers, one can never say "no" difficulty!)

To see the different paper feeding methods, check out both HP's and Epson's web
sites (http://www.epson.com and http://www.hp.com/) and look under their ink jet
printer info.  Both sites have pictures of their printers.


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