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Re: How do I mix methyl cellulose?

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This is a recipe straight from my Procedures manual that we use for book

Methyl Cellulose Procedure:
Methyl cellulose is a synthetic adhesive that does not spoil and has an
indefinite shelf life.  A 5% concentration will produce a very thick gel
(ex., 50g/950 mL water).
We use a 2.5% concentration for blending with PVA to make our mix.

1. Measure out correct amounts of methyl cellulose powder depending on use
and desired concentration.
[in-house]:   weigh out 25 grams of methyl cellulose powder.

2. Heat one-fourth of the distilled water in Pyrex flask to 80 ?  90 C.
(just below boiling)
[in-house]:  place 250 mL of room temperature water into the 1,000 mL
beaker and heat.

3. Measure out remaining three-fourths of cold water in a beaker.
[in-house]:  measure out 700 mL. Place in freezer until ready to use.

4. When water is hot, remove and place on hot pad (to prevent shattering
of hot glass). Immediately whisk in the methyl cellulose powder.  Stir
well, until all lumps are broken up and powder is evenly wet.  Powder will
not dissolve, but will evenly disperse.

5. Immediately add cold distilled water directly into beaker, whisking
constantly to evenly wet the powder.  When the solution starts to thicken,
stop whisking (to continue will cause foaming). Stir meth cell
occasionally while allowing it to absorb all water and thicken over the
next hour, or allow to sit overnight.

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